Missions Agency Network Gathering

Organized by the Czech Evangelical Alliance


When: 19-20 October, 2016, 5:00pm Wednesday to 5:00pm Thursday.


Where: Hesperia Hotel, Olomouc (Brněnská 55, 779 00, www.hotel-hesperia.cz)


Why? There is a wide variety of cross-cultural (foreign-based) missions agencies working to advance the Gospel in the Czech Republic.  Too often, these agencies are unaware of what other agencies are doing. In many cases these agencies have tremendous resources to share, but very few know about them, even in the Czech churches and organizations.  At this time there is what might be an unprecedented openness and desire to work together to share resources, help each other, and to be more aware of what the Czech churches want and need.  This presents an opportunity for us to gather as representatives of missions agencies active in the Czech Republic in order to know about and learn from each other, share resources, and interact with leaders from Czech churches and organizations in order to improve the effectiveness of cross-cultural missions partnerships in the Czech Republic.


What? This gathering will be a 24 hour ‘learning community.’ We will spend some time hearing from different speakers about the history of missions work in the Czech Republic since 1989, see the results of the latest ČEA survey of Czech churches and their experiences with foreign missionaries, have the opportunity to hear from and interact with Czech pastors and church leaders, pray and worship together, and spend time reflecting together on our work to advance the Gospel in the Czech Republic.


How much? The cost of the event is 1500Kč per person, which includes the hotel room, all meals and some coffee breaks, access to the conference room and all conference materials and speakers.*


How do I register?  This is an invitation-only event. You are welcome to bring one additional guest (such as your spouse or one additional representative of your missions agency).  Our space is limited, so please do not wait until the last minute to register. 




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